Smart lighting

Due to confidentially reasons, I cannot elaborate on any projects specifics. 

In summary

In the past years I have contributed to multiple projects of Signify, both B2B and B2C. I’ve emerged in the world of smart lighting and it fascinated me more and more. Within the projects that I contributed to, my team and I designed various functionalities within their mobile applications, created insightful data visualisations for desktop dashboards and worked on improving the navigational structures within their software systems. 

My role

In all the projects that I have done for Signify, I had the role of interaction designer. This means that I had the pleasure of digging into the use cases of multiple complex systems, which all had their similarities but also different challenges. For some of the projects I made flow diagrams, sketches and wireframes and in other projects my role was also stretched to creating prototypes that were ready for a usability test.






Usability testing

The process

The processes across projects had a lot of similarities, due to the standards that had been set up in Signify. This made the work very straight-forward. However, since all the projects were executed on different moments in time, there were some differences in the way of working. Besides that, in each project the teams were located in other parts of the world, which also brings another dimension to the process and the way of working.


Since the complexity was high in all of the projects (as we were also working with hardware) we did a lot of sketching to create and communicate solutions rapidly and see possible risks of a design.


The projects I did for Signify were really valuable to me since I got to design many different interactions, both for mobile and web. Making sure all designs were consistent and cohesive was a nice challenge.


Within the projects for Signify we made different kinds of prototypes. Some were just rapid prototypes to test specific interactions, while other prototypes were meant for the full usability validation.

Key achievements

  • Creating intuitive flows for multiple very complex systems. In some cases it was very difficult to find the best solution, but in the end we got all the puzzle pieces together.

  • Contributing to the design of an application which is used by more than 5 million users worldwide feels like a big achievement to me, as it was always high on my list to design something that people would use in their daily lives.

  • One of the projects won the electrical app of the year award. It's very rewarding whenever something you contributed to gets recognised in such way.  

Main learnings

  • In all projects I got to improve my interaction design skills a lot, as we were designing for complex systems, each design is challenged in multiple ways. This made it even more exciting when you manage to crack the puzzle and find a suitable solution. 

  • For two of the projects we were working with an international team. It was very interesting to learn  about cultural differences on the workfloor and build a bridge between these cultures.  




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