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Due to confidentially reasons, I cannot elaborate on any projects specifics. 

In summary

The first project I did for Van Spaendonck was a relatively short B2C project. With the blessing for a carte blanche we could let our creativity run wild and redesign one of the client's core products. The results were satisfactory and we ended up doing a long term project with them, iterating upon their existing software step by step. The work derived from small tweaks to improve the usability to the complete redesign of certain flows to establish a better fit to the user needs.

My role

Throughout this project I was involved in multiple phases within the design process. My main responsibility still was the creation of the interaction design, making detailed wireframes and clickable prototypes. We created a new navigational structure and rethought the flow of multiple functionalities, either big or small. Additionally, I supported in the research phase and I prepared and facilitated the tests to validate the designs with the users. 


UX research

User research




Usability testing


The process

This process had several focus points at the same time. The main focus was of course the improvement of the user experience. Besides that, our goal was to prove the added value of user centred design and implement UX and UI design into an initially very tech-focused process. 


Every story, either big or small, started with some sketching. By sketching a lot, we had tangible results to share with the client fast. This gave them a lot of insight in our process.


In the first project we created wireframes on a high level, mostly for the proof of concept. Afterwards, in the main project we developed the wireframes in full detail.


We created prototypes to show the flow and the possibilities of several functionalities. Besides that we created prototypes to validate the concept and interactions with the users.

Key achievements

  • Changing the client's focus from mainly tech to user centred was a big achievement. It took time and it was a step-by-step process, but it's always very enjoyable to see the transformation after all the insights from user research and validation come to light and make the product better.

  • Transforming a complex navigational structure with many different layers into an intuitive navigational structure that allows users to find what they are looking for easily.  

Main learnings

  • I learnt a lot about the process of improving software bit by bit. In a lot of projects I’ve been designing solutions from scratch, but this is a project in which many functionalities needed to be improved step by step. It’s interesting to see what a process like that looks like. 

  • It’s always an interesting process convincing a client of the value of user centred design. I enjoy being a part of this process and implementing the preferred way of working in a way that everyone is happy and feels comfortable.  




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